Date: Feb 24, 2021
Voltaire Lozada is proud to announce the launch of his rebranded website at, through a partnership with...
Date: Feb 20, 2021
We are back talking about a common love, and as we invited Lex and Nikki Olgado to talke about the K-Dramas we finished...
Date: Feb 6, 2021
Kicking off Season 2 with one of the most essential tools of male bonding: beer.
Date: Feb 2, 2021
The pandemic brought about a lot of changes, but even the bad things could bring about something good.
Date: Jan 28, 2021
I woke up from a nightmare to be reminded again by how finite life is, and what I could do as a parent for my kid.
Date: Dec 18, 2020
TKL Boys take a look at the K-Dramas of 2020 in this 2-hour season ender of TKL.
Date: Dec 8, 2020
From American Series watcher to K-Drama follower, check out the factors why I decided to make the switch.
Date: Nov 28, 2020
Our 16th year anniversary blog, and who best to interview about it than my wife?
Date: Nov 28, 2020
In the lead up the last 4 episodes of Start Up, the boys talk about Team Do San vs Team Good Boy and a couple more team...