After being in a relationship with my wife for almost two decades now, I think we're doing something right. Sharing some...
Supporting Leni for the country, not for the movement.
A salute to the women of the world.
Our friend lost her mom. I didn't expect her words to resonate with me as much as it did.
As we grow older, memories start to fade. Before my memory fails me, let me share this story so that I can answer Vino w...
Candidates have expressed and filed their COC's for the position, and the 2022 Presidential Race is on.
The 2022 Presidential race will be a crucial one in the Philippines. I contemplated on the aspiring candidates.
Random musings brought me to look back at my life through the lens of a book from my childhood.
It's easy to ask people when they're going to have another baby, but it's a tough decision to make.
Most nights are filled with an existential crisis in my head. Care to share your thoughts on it?
We have different ways on how we discipline our children. Here's mine, and I hope to learn from yours!
Being "just ok" isn't as bad as people see it.
This "woke" generation and "cancel culture" has gone too far.
The pandemic brought about a lot of changes, but even the bad things could bring about something good.
I woke up from a nightmare to be reminded again by how finite life is, and what I could do as a parent for my kid.
From American Series watcher to K-Drama follower, check out the factors why I decided to make the switch.
Our 16th year anniversary blog, and who best to interview about it than my wife?
Our circles grow smaller as we grow older, and that should be ok.
Vino asked for fairy tales, I told him stories based on real life.
The Miami Heat are back in the NBA Finals for the first time since the Big Three era of Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeB...
When I was a kid, some random guy passed by our house and for some reason, he convinced me to take him for a ride on our...
I’ve always been terrified of death. The uncertainty of what happens after it shakes me to my core. Do we get reincar...
Back in 2016, I broke down. From having a decent-paying job that had me dealing with different types of people from b...
I didn’t know how to cook. I love eating, but I didn’t really have that urge to learn how to cook as I grew up.
My mom is an example of a genuinely nice person who is always misunderstood – as in no one really understands her.
My dad and his 12 siblings grew up in a pretty independent household and produced different personalities – from strict,...
When I got married, I also became a brother to four younger sisters. My own older sister has been pretty much indepen...