Some Facts to Understand The Person Behind the Name

Voltaire Lozada
Housedad. Freelance Writer. Sports Fan. Food Enthusiast.


I've always enjoyed connecting with people. 

This desire led me to dabble and be curious with just about anything so that I would have an infinite source of conversation starters.

It helped me in my role as a Sales Executive, and on a personal level, it helped me meet interesting people.  

I am passionate about basketball, food, politics, and relationships, which I enjoy discussing over drinks as well as writing through my personal blog or as commissioned work.

For over a decade, I have written for various print and online publications while building my career in the manufacturing industry. 

Topics that I have written about range from sports, politics, lifestyle, current events, and history, but I am never one to back down from new topics to discuss. 

As a Philosophy degree holder, I take pride in producing content based on facts obtained through research, interviews, or personal experience.  

Now a full-time housedad, I spend most of my time memorizing the names of Thomas the Train and his friends, dancing to Cocomelon, giving personalities to stuffed toys and toy vehicles, reading stories to my growing boy and improving my cooking skills. 


One of our Philosophy professors said that if we philosophers were to be likened to a type of bread, we were donuts; the hole or the void is what defines us. I guess it's true, if there was no hole, it wouldn't be called a donut, hence the need for a hole to call a bread a donut. However, I don't want to be a "void" that defines the existence of a "donut." I want to be a donut that is filled. I want to be a strawberry-filled donut. It tastes nice.

It inspired me to create Strawberry-Filled Donuts, my personal blog. Multiply was my first platform, before I moved it to Blogspot, and should now have a place in my own website.


I love to write.

While I'm not a bookworm, I do enjoy reading articles online. It doesn't matter what it's about; basketball, wrestling, combat sports, movie facts, etc. 

I live for the stories.

I launched this website with the goal of sharing the joy I get from reading interesting stories by trying to create my own.

As a writer, I hope to showcase my professional portfolio for potential clients, such that they may have the confidence to trust that I can combine my storytelling skills to suit the voice of their brand.